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Relax, enjoy peace and quiet with the company of your own choice



Boston Island lies three miles offshore, east of Port Lincoln.The island is both a place of serendipity and a setting for the curious. For a holiday you will alway cherish, imagining you own Boston Island with its secluded sandy beaches inviting sunbathing and shell collecting... sparkling clear waters for safe swimming and snorkelling... protected bays, ideal for small boats. Boston Island is four miles long by one mile wide and possesses extensive bird life. Little Penguins nest close to your homestead. The island is a declared sanctuary for wildlife - and for visitors too! Since 1840 flocks of Merino sheep have grazed, and continue to be a part of island life. Many native trees are planted annually, giving shelter to the islands wallabies and birds. There is so much for everyone to enjoy... people free beaches provide a fossicker's haven at low tide... unique Australian country side ideal for naturalists, bushwalkers and care free adventures who want to enjoy the spectacular scenery of Spencers Gulf. Vivid sunsets behind Port Lincoln give an ever-changing image of splendour. Tempos slow down with the sea air, peace and quiet. The gentle art of relaxation is Boston Island.  

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